22 August 2011

Create a designer cake stand

 $3 Footed cake stand
Serving from a footed cake stand makes even the plainest cake look something special. Instead of buying one, why not make it instead?

Take a cake plate and either a specimen vase or a single candlestick. Use craft paint to spray the vase or candlestick to match the plate if needed. Then, using a hot glue gun, run a line of glue around the rim of the vase or candlestick. Centre the plate over the top and gently press down until the glue dries. Voila - a designer cake stand.

If you use a plate and vase you already have and your one of a kind cake stand won't cost  you a thing, or look for vintage plates, vases and candlesticks at markets, garage sales and op shops and you'll have a unique cake plate for just a couple of dollars.

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