12 August 2011

Look outside the square - or the supermarket!

The one area of our Spending Plan we have total control over is the grocery money, but so often we get complacent about our shopping, then wonder why we spend so much.  If you are in the supermarket rut, and shop at the same supermarkets week after week, stop. Look at your grocery list. What is on that list that can be bought at other places?  We all know to go to the greengrocer for fruit and veg and the butcher for meat, but what about other grocery items?  Have you ever thought of going to a pool shop for washing soda? Or to a stockfeed supplier for your bicarb?  How about asking your local baker if he can sell you bulk flours and yeast? What about buying your fruit from a local orchard? Or buying your chicken from the supplier?  Have you tried your local hardware store for cleaning supplies? You can save hundreds of dollars a year when you shop outside the supermarket, all it takes is a little thought and planning. Best of all, if you plan properly you'll be saving time too.

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