29 August 2011

Knit a bookmark

A few days ago an email popped into my inbox with the instructions for knitted bobble bookmarks. These cute little bookmarks take just 20 minutes to make (really) and  literally use scraps of wool. They make great fete items and slip into a card for an inexpensive and novel gift.

The original pattern is by Ann Budd, and you will find it at www.knittingdaily.com  If you love knitting sign up for the newsletter, it's full of great ideas and free patterns.

Here is my slightly adapted pattern.  I've used 8 ply yarn and 4 ply yarn to make bobbles and both have worked out beautifully.

Knitted Bobble Bookmarks
A few metres of some leftover yarn and size 4mm needles.

Leaving a tail about 60cm long, make a slipknot and place on needle. [K1f&b] 3 times—6 stitches. Work in stocking stitch for 6 rows. Pass the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth stitches over the first stitch—1 stitch. Cut yarn, leaving a 60cm tail.  Tie off the remaining stitch. Tie the cast-on and bind-off tails together in a square knot to shape the bobble.

Make two more bobbles the same way.

Tie three bobbles in a cluster by tying the tails in an overhand knot close to the bobbles. Hold the bobble cluster steady (tape them to a tabletop or close them in a drawer) and working the two tails from each bobble as a unit, work a three-strand plait for about 25cm or desired length. Tie another overhand knot to secure the ends. Trim close to the knot.

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