18 August 2011

Does your family have a launch pad?

Every household should have a launch pad, a designated place where kids put backpacks, sports gear, jackets, umbrellas, shoes, etc. when they come home. It's the place where lunchboxes and homework wait to be picked up before they walk out the front door. Many people use an area near the front or back door for their launch pad.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy. We have a mat on the floor for shoes, a rack on the wall for hanging coats up and a key rack on the wall, for of course, keys. This all sits next to a chest of drawers and everything we need to take with us when we leave the house is put on top of the drawers.  You could use a small table or a toy box. You could even have a different coloured bin so each family member has their own launch pad.

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