09 May 2012

Control Your Day to Day Finances

1.  Quit playing the lottery.

2.  Pay off those credit cards to get away from the interest payments.

3.  Put yourself on an allowance.

4.  Keep a spending record. Jot down every cent you spend in a small notebook you can carry on you.

5.  Do not carry emergency cash around with you.

6.  Pick an amount to have in your savings account and make that the "zero" line.

7.  Forget using ATMs if you are charged a fee.

8.  Take money directly out of your bank by physically going there - you are more aware of what you are doing.

9.  If you still use a cheque account, make sure you keep a sufficient amount in it to avoid fees.

10. Look for bank accounts that pay interest on your money and then use them.

11. Have your pay direct deposited so you can automatically have part of it put into your savings account.

12. Have your pay direct deposited so you do not have to waste time and petrol driving to the bank.

13. Replacing items from a lost wallet or purse can be expensive. Make a list of those items and have phone numbers handy for lost or stolen credit cards.

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  1. This is a post my hubby really must read, thanks....


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