25 May 2012

Dairy Can Be Frozen!

A lot of dairy products can be frozen and still maintain their texture, taste and quality when thawed. This is especially helpful when dairy products come on a really good sale or you constantly run out of milk. Having milk in the freezer stops those trips to the shop to buy the proverbial $30 bottle of milk, just pick it all up when you do your weekly, fortnightly or monthly grocery shop and freeze it.

To freeze milk, pour 3 -4 cm from the bottle, re-cap and freeze it upright. Milk expands a lot when it freezes and not pouring off will result in a sticky, frozen mess in your freezer. 

You can also freeze block, sliced and grated cheeses, yoghurt and cream successfully. Block cheese will be crumbly after thawing so slice and wrap it before freezing and whip cream before freezing, it thaws better this way.

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  1. HI Cath,
    I freeze cream in its container and it whips up jsut fine after its frozen. I also milk freeze milk O buy 6 3litres a fortnight and freeze them have never had any problems.
    Cheese is crumbly but I grate half of it for pizzas and like. I make sandwhiches for a fornight so the cheese and meat go into together if HUbby wants tomatoes as well I put them on after I defrost the sandwiches.

    A good tip my son does for his daughter is he bought large zip bags and into them goes a small zip bag with his daughters sandwich and a muesli bar and a fruit box and if she wants a piece of cake that also goes into the large bag. He makes them Mon-Fri and freezes them all in the one bag. The night before he gets it out and pops each piece into her lunch box still forzena nd then into the fridge till morning. This saves him money and time and she always has her lunch ready and he doesn't have to buy anything for lunch in a hurry. He's a single father.


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