30 May 2012

A Running Inventory on the Side of the Freezer

I find when I am busy, I don't very often have time to check through the freezer for what is already in there before going shopping - which means I often double up and purchase things I already have! (And if I'm honest, I also really hate this job, especially in winter, because it makes me feel cold!)

So, last night, after yet again buying things I already had (and noticing that the DH and teenagers hadn't eaten the frozen leftovers for snacks/lunches as planned) I came up with a plan.

I grabbed a whiteboard marker and on the side of the fridge listed everything that I had stored in the freezer. I have listed in categories (meat, ready made, leftovers, fruit and veg, breads and pastry) and have noted how much of each (e.g. bread loaf x 2, whole rabbit x 1).

Then, whenever anything is added or removed, we will just update the list on the side! This will save time, money at the supermarket, as well as the 'there is nothing to eat' argument often had with teenagers! Just make sure you use whiteboard marker so that it can be wiped off again (and maybe test in an inconspicuous place first).

Contributed by Claire, Maryborough


  1. It is a great idea.
    I often get blame for buying things that my wife has already bought that week or that morning after work. How on earth would I know if its not visible to me.
    Save money and definitely bring some peace and harmony at home.
    Continue the good work!

  2. I use a blackboard but a good way to use fridge or freezer as whiteboard is to cover them with clear contact. This is what I did before deciding a blackboard was easier!

  3. I have actually used an Excel spreadsheet for this. I have an upright freezer and blue tac the list to the side. I then mark on the list in pencil how many of each item. When something is used or added I just mark it on or rub it off the list. Works a treat.


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