03 May 2012

Tempt the Senses

The advent of winter means for most of us that windows and doors are shut, the air is damp and heaters are running. And that means that sometimes our homes, no matter how clean, become a little stale.

Before you go out and buy mountain breezes in a can, try this. Soak cotton balls in concentrated essential oils such as vanilla, orange or lemon and tuck them behind photo frames, in small vases, inside cushion covers, on windowsills behind curtains - just about anywhere. If you have very curious small children or even pets, put them into small, plastic containers with childproof caps, punch lots of holes around the bottle and hide these throughout the house.

They are cheaper than fresh air in a can and you can quickly and easily refresh them by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil every now and then.

The house will smell fresh all winter long, until spring arrives and you can open windows and doors wide to let the fresh air blow through.


  1. be careful when putting the cotton balls of oils onto wood surfaces as it may take the varnish or stain off.

  2. Replies
    1. So do I Sheree, I have them in a small vintage dish in our bedroom (orange and vanilla) and lavender and lemon in the bathrooms (sounds weird, but smells lovely). I mix it up in the lounge and family rooms - depends on my mood each week as I dust as to what fragrance we have. They're great in the car too. I put them in little organza sachets that I've recycyled.


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