31 May 2012

Keeping Track of Books, Movies and Music

It's nice to have a collection of books to read and DVDs to watch and CDs to listen too, and it's a great idea to share them amongst friends and family; it's a very frugal entertainment. The problem with sharing is that it is very hard to keep track of them to make sure they are returned.

One way to be sure they'll come back, or at least the Lendee will know who to return them too, is to put an address label on each item and for DVDS and CDs, one inside the case.

Then, keep a note of who and what you lend in a notebook or on your computer so you can follow up.

It's no guarantee you'll get the item back but with your name and address on it there really is no excuse.

1 comment:

  1. The name & address is a very good idea, I once had a book "The mists of Avalon", I knew somebody had lent it to me, and because one particular good friend of mine had originally told me about it as she loved it, after I'd read it a few years on, I was about to return it to her, BUT, luckily, I glanced inside the front cover, and, low and behold, there was the name of another friend, I was shocked. so I rattled my brains and now remember, that friend quickly writing her name in it before handing it to me, I was a bit offended at the time, but now in hindsight realise the wisdom of her actions.


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