01 June 2012

Guerrilla Grocery Shopping - Part 1

I discovered years ago that have routines makes life easier. The Army was on to something - sticking to a routine does keep things ship shape and it's no different when it comes to your groceries, after all the family likes to be routinely fed.

When it comes to grocery shopping I have a very strict routine and it very rarely varies.

    1. Pantry, fridge and freezer inventory.
    2. Meal plan
    3. Shopping list:
        a. Use inventories and meal plan to work out what's needed
        b. Use my Price Book and catalogues to find the best prices
        c. Write up a list in order of the stores to go to
        d. Don't be afraid to try generic or cheaper brands and swap-out things on my list
    4. Hit the shops!
All up it takes maybe 15 minutes to cover steps 1 through 3. Step 4 - well that's up to you.

You can be a guerrilla shopper and zoom in and zoom out or you can take your time.

A word of warning though: for every 5 minutes over half an hour you spend in the supermarket, you'll spend an extra $10 on average. Yes, $2 a minute!

My advice is get in and get out.


  1. If you were getting paid $10 for every 2 minutes you work, that would be one heck of a paycheck....

  2. Using the above tips gives me a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I'm in charge and a much more savvy shopper! Thanks Kath!


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