28 June 2012

Banish Water Marks

I love my furniture. For the most part it is beautiful wood, some of it very old.  Unfortunately not everyone cares for my furniture as I do and sometimes accidents happen. Like last weekend when  he who shall remain nameless took a glass of water to bed and left it on the bedside table overnight, completely missing the coaster put there to be used. In the morning there was a lovely white-ish ring on the top of my lovely beech bedside table!

Water rings don't need to be a disaster, there are some simple things you can try to remove them, or at least disguise them as I found out on Sunday morning.

Firstly you need to remove the old polish. This can be done with a cloth dipped in full strength white vinegar. Wipe over the area, from the outside to the centre, then dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Then apply either whole egg mayonnaise OR linseed oil to the stain with a soft cloth, again working from the outside in to the centre. Leave the mayo (or linseed oil) on the ring for two hours, then buff to a shine with a soft cloth.

The ring should be gone, or at least very much faded. If it was a very deep stain you may need to repeat the process, especially if it is on dark timber.

I used mayo and I'm happy to say he who shall remain nameless is saved (and so is my bedside table).

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