01 June 2012

Today is the Day - Eat Well, Save More is officially published!

Yes, today is the day! After a wonderful preview on A Current Affair last night, Eat Well, Save More is officially released today!

I really am very excited about this book.

In today's economy saving money is top priority for millions of Australians. But they still need to eat and feed their families and that can be tough when money is tight.  I know just how tough it can be, I've been there and there were weeks when I didn't have grocery money, I just couldn't shop.  On the weeks when we did have money for groceries it was $50 max.

We survived, our children thrived, no one was ill or malnourished. Our home was clean, our clothes were - well I was going to say spotless but really the kids were small, Wayne worked outdoors - well our clothes were clean too. Oh, and we were clean as well.

I can tell you when I upped the grocery budget to $80 a week in 2002 I felt so rich. I had money to spare. That was the beginnings of a very healthy slush fund, which I still use today.

If you are struggling with debt and find your Spending Plan just isn't working, stop. Take a good look at your grocery spending.

Groceries are the one area of the Spending Plan we have complete and utter total control over, so they are a great place to start when you want to get back to your Spending Plan.

You may not be confident of feeding your family for $80 a week (you can, and it's not all mince and beans), but you can very easily trim your grocery budget.

For starters, take ten percent off it. Anne, the lovely new Cheapskater who volunteered to try shopping on just $80, usually spends $300 a week on groceries for her family of four so she would take $30 out of her purse and shop with the remaining $270, and you can do exactly the same thing with your grocery money. Take ten percent out of your purse, leave your cards at home (so  you don't crumble and spend it anyway) and do your shopping.

If nothing else comes of it, you've learned that you really can feed your family on less.

Over the next few weeks I'll touch more on how you can keep your grocery bill down and still eat good, tasty, fresh and cheap food because it really is the first step to controlling your spending and living life debt free, cashed up and laughing.

If you'd like a signed copy of Eat Well, Save More I would be very happy to do so for you. You'll need to order it from here, and don't forget to add the details so I know who to sign the books for. 

Now, for those of you in Sydney, I will be chatting with George and Paul the hosts of Sydney's 2UE Weekend program at 9.45am on Sunday morning. It's just the right time to sit back with a cuppa and listen to the radio so I hope those of you who can listen in.


  1. This book is a no brainer for me, off to pick up my copy. And congratualations on your segment

  2. I'm looking forward to buying a copy. I'm moving from country nsw back to qld next week so buying the book will be alot easier. I must say your first book was one that I brought when I was first struggling financially 4 years ago so buying your second book seems to be another right choice!


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