18 June 2012

Instant Hot House from Recycled Packaging

I know just about everyone keeps the packaging from doonas and blankets if for no other reason than that it's too good to throw out.  It's almost time to start getting spring and summer seeds planted so the seedlings are ready to plant out when the weather warms up so Penny's idea of recycling doona packaging into a mini hot house is a wonderful way to use it and get it out of the linen cupboard, where it is just taking up space.  It also ensures the seeds get a nice warm start and that the seedlings will be ready to transplant into the garden come spring.

Instant Hot House from Recycled Packaging
I had to buy new doonas this year, and they came in thick plastic packages with zippers around them. I was going to get my dear husband to build small seed raising trays, then I thought the covers would work a treat instead.  I just put my seed trays (I use old meat trays) inside the covers and zipped up to create an instant hothouse. It is brilliant, and it really works. I've saved money on wood and glass to make a hot house and I am saving money by growing from seeds as seedlings are very expensive. And when I'm finished save money on veggies.
Contributed by Penny, Wynnum

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