25 June 2012

Good food just can't get any fresher

Last night with our roast we had fresh baked potatoes, sweet potato and onion, cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce (the only way some members of this household will eat those two delicious vegetables) and peas.

Those veggies were just delicious.

And you know why?

Because apart from the sweet potato, they all came from our garden.

How cool is that!

They were all picked fresh from the garden just minutes before they were cooked.

I nipped out the back in my gumboots, bowl and knife in hand and cut a head of broccoli and a beautiful, perfectly formed, snowy  white cauliflower, then perused the garden beds to see what else I could find to round out our dinner.

The peas were looking plump and juicy, just ripe for picking so I plucked a couple of handfuls from the vines and dumped them in the bowl.

Then I checked out silverbeet and the cabbages and decided to leave them for another meal.

Inside the veggies were dumped into a sink of cold water with a splash of vinegar added and left for a few minutes to soak. I do this to give any buggies a chance to drown politely before I add them to the pot and to our meals :)

As I shelled the peas I had to stop myself from devouring the lot, they were so sweet and tender. Those peas only needed to be warmed a little, they were so fresh, cooking was not required.

When we sat down to dinner and I looked around the table, I felt a sense of contentment. My family were eating a home cooked meal, with truly fresh vegetables and loving it. Not a single pea was left, all plates were scraped clean and everyone left the table happily full, with appetites sated.

If ever I doubted the value of a veggie garden, or despaired of the physical labour involved in growing our own food, that one moment wiped those doubts and that despair away.

No, there is no doubt about it, my veggie garden is here to stay.


  1. I am definitely a veggie garden addict and like you it helped make up some of our meal last night.
    Cheaper, insecticide free and better tasting....

  2. Yum! I love picking vegies from our garden. I think we may have started our Winter plot a bit late as we aren't harvesting much yet!


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