12 June 2012

Small Adjustments Combine for Large Gain

Sometimes it's hard to see how the little savings add up, even for experienced Cheapskaters. Laura's list shows just how lots of regular, little savings add up to a lot of dollars in the bank at the end of the year.

Small Adjustments Combine for Large Gain
Becoming a seasoned Cheapskate has taught me to always be on the lookout for ways to save $$$. At first glance, many things may not seem to be worth the effort, however the results, when combined and calculated over a years time, are significant.

For example, a call to the phone company saved me $5, a change in cable service -$13, called the refuse company to discuss rates -$3, closed our Safety Deposit box -$2.10, switched from disposable to reusable (dish rags, napkins, plates, etc.) -$6, eliminated most all junk food purchases -$33 (and 5kg :), one additional week between hair appointments -$10, cancelled daily newspaper delivery $8.33, on-line bill payments -$3.33, reduced electric -$15.50, natural gas -$8.33, water-$2.50, practice ESSENTIAL spending -$86, use Cheapskates washing powder -$12.50. Combined, these small monthly changes save us (at least) $2,500 annually.

Happily, we can add to that another $300, as we are now able to avoid the late penalty on our rates!

After getting started, it's become a bit of a game, and the savings just keep coming!

Contributed by Laura Toy

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  1. I will be looking into implementing some of those changes.....


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