20 June 2012

Sell Off Your Wardrobe

Take clothes that may be too snug or that you no longer wear and that are in excellent condition, to a consignment store rather than donating to the op shop. If the items are in great condition and still stylish they can be sold, making you some money. A helpful tip is to make sure each garment is properly laundered and pressed at the end of each season ready to store until the store starts taking items for the next season. Check the store policy - some like garments presented on coat hangers, other prefer garments to be neatly folded. Spend a little time to make sure buttons are secure, spots and stains are gone and hems are secure and you will ensure top dollar for your garments.


  1. I will have to Google a consignment store in my area as I do have a couple of really good dresses that no longer fit, good idea Cath

  2. why not try to sell your clothes on ebay instead of using a consignment store?


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