08 June 2012

Guerrilla Shopping Part 2: The Price Book

A very important tool in a Guerrilla Shopper's arsenal is their price book.  This little book contains the prices of every item they buy.  I say "prices" because there will be multiple prices for each item.  There will be the regular price for store A, and the sale price at Store B, the really good sale price at Store C, then perhaps the regular sale price (yes there is a regular sale price) for Store A and so on.

Your price book determines when and where you buy your groceries. As you make up your shopping list you'll be checking with your price book to see where it is cheapest at the moment. If it's not on sale and you can do without it, don't put it on your list. If you need it right now, then just buy the exact number you need.

The idea of a price book is to give you the power:  the power to choose when to buy, the power to choose how much to pay. With your price book you will be able to track sale cycles and know when something is at it's lowest price. And that's when you stock up, buying enough to last you until the next sale cycle.

Start building your price book today. Use your grocery dockets, the junk mail, get online and check the prices of your grocery items.

Your price book will help you to never pay full price for your groceries again.


  1. I think you wrote this post just for me, I have started on my price book and already I have picked up a couple of great bargains.
    Some Greens packet cake mixes for $1.00 in coles and Minced Beef for $6 a kilo also in coles. Normally I would not use a packet cake mix but for $1 I could not pass this up....

  2. What does a price book look like? is it all collums? or dedicated pages? "like" items grouped together? or everything just entered in?

    1. If you are a Cheapskates Club member, you can go to the Tips Sheets section and there is 'How to Create Your Price Book' section :-)


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