27 June 2012

The Eat Well, Save More, Real Food Challenge

Sunday is the start of  my Eat Well, Save More, Real Food Challenge.

It shouldn't be too hard. We eat real food most of the time. What I am aiming to do in this challenge though is to break the habit of resorting to processed, or rather commercially processed, foods.

So no white flour (I rarely use white flour anyway), no white sugar or processed sugar substitutes, (ditto), no tinned soups or packet sauces, no commercial pastas (I have a pasta attachment on my mixer and really it couldn't be any easier to make), no commercial pasta sauces, in fact nothing from a box or bottle or jar or can that has more than five ingredients listed!

The aim is for us to eat 100% real food.

What do I call real food?

Well for a start food that it not over-processed, with ridiculous amounts of added flavourings, salts, vitamins and minerals, sugars and fats (hence boxes and bottles with less than five ingredients).

Fresh veggies and fruit, in their raw state rather than frozen or tinned. Whole fruits rather than juices.  Fresh meat, poultry and seafood and fresh milk, cheese, yoghurt and eggs.

Please join me in this challenge and get into the habit of eating real food for less.


  1. I will join you but as I am not much of a Baker or Cook I am going to find it really hard to substitute. However I will eat fresher and cleaner....

  2. Welcome aboard Maureen! We'll learn together - trust me I'm not a very good baker either, but I do find baking from scratch so much easier with good ingredients.

    And eating fresh is so much nicer and cheaper too!

    I am really looking forward to this challenge :)

  3. Hi All - I have recently had the last of my 8 children leave home so now I'm on my own but sharing my home with 2 large dogs & 2 cats. Have always cooked our meals from scratch except for using dried pasta for some of our meals when I was cooking for my 8 children but now I can please myself about meal choices. Bring on the Real Food!


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