04 June 2012

Grow a Pizza Garden

Pizza is just about everyone's favourite food. It's easy to make (try our Penny Pinching Pan Pizza), tasty and these days it can be healthy too.

When you MOO pizza, using fresh herbs turns an what could be a tasty pizza into a gourmet delight. And what better way to have fresh herbs for your pizza than to grow a "pizza garden" by growing some of the herbs that are commonly used on pizza.

A typical pizza garden will contain basil and oregano, and perhaps thyme and parsley.  You could also grow some of the other things that often go into pizza sauce, like garlic and roma tomatoes.  If you want to make the garden larger, you can also add some common pizza toppings like capsicums and onions.

A pizza garden is ideal for container gardening and is a wonderful introduction to gardening for children. Since children really love pizza, they should be able to relate to this type of garden very well.  They’ll also have fun knowing what goes into one of their favourite foods.


  1. Well done me, I aklready have my pizza garden well under way, now if I could just plant cheese LOL

  2. Grow your own cheese - now that sounds good!

    If you're in Victoria, NQR (Not Quite Right) stores have Mainland Light Tasty, grated, 500g packs for $2.99 - less than half the price of a 500g block of generic tasty, and well under the price for Mainland. For grated cheese it's a great price. And grated cheese freezes beautifully so it's an opportunity to put some in your grocery stockpile.


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