21 June 2012

Designer Paintings for Peanuts

With all due respect to Mondrian and Pollack, painting abstract art isn't that difficult. Go to your local discount store and purchase 3 matching canvasses of a size to suit the space you want to fill (I got mine for 9.95 each at GoLo), buy some acrylic paint (acrylic is more forgiving than oil) and brushes, sketch out your design in pencil right on the canvas (an easy one is squares of different sizes, but you can do swirls, or other abstract shapes), making sure that the design flows naturally from one canvas to another and then fill in the blocks or spaces with the paint. Mine looks like we spent a fortune at the local gallery (or at least that is what my friends tell me!) and cost me under $35.00!
Contributed by Maggie

1 comment:

  1. Again I am blown away that you can read my mind. I am in decorating mode right now albeit on a budget and I was looking at these canvasses yesterday with a view to doing myself an abstract, now I am thinking three, thanks...


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