13 August 2012

Cute Gift Card Holders

Gift cards are all the rage and they certainly do make gift giving easy. How to present them so they have that "wow" factor is problem though. You can spend $3 - $5 to buy a cute little envelope or box to present your gift card, or you can make this little envelope, in around 5 minutes, from craft supplies you probably already have at home.

These cute little envelopes make opening the gift card as much fun as opening a gift. 

You can use felt, cardstock or even heavy wrapping paper to make your envelope. Choose a material to suit the occasion or the personality of the recipient.

To make the envelopes:

1. Cut a strip of felt, card or paper about 1cm wider than the gift card and twice as long plus 3cm.

2. Place the card in the centre of the felt. Fold up the bottom end of the felt and fold down the top end, adjusting the card so the top of the felt strip overlaps the bottom. Crease the folds by pressing with your fingers.

3. Remove the card and hot glue the bottom pocket together along the side edges.

4. Cut a vertical slit in the top flap for a buttonhole. Glue a pretty button on the bottom pocket opposite the slit. 

5. Slip the card into the pocket and close by folding the top down and over the button. 

Use pinking shears or decorative scissors to cut the strips for an attractive finish to the side edges.

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  1. you make gift giving easy...A few steps to make Gift Card envelopes...thanks for sharing.


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