31 August 2012

Soft Washing Without Fabric Softeners

In addition to being annoying, fabric softener sheets are wasteful. They are also scented artificially using chemicals and synthetic scents, and studies have linked the use of dryer sheets  to some health problems. Liquid fabric softener may also have synthetic scents, and can leave clothes with a coating that may not be what you want next to your skin.

Instead, you can try some green alternatives, such as vinegar and bicarb soda added to the rinse cycle (use about 1/4 cup of each) will keep your wash clean and soft.  As a bonus they'll keep your washing machine clean too.

If you must use a dryer (try not to, apart from the carbon footprint they are jolly expensive to run) eco balls (bumpy rubber balls that separate clothes in the dryer and keep down static) or even just one or two tennis balls (cheaper, you probably have them lying around and they do the job) will keep the washing fluffy and soft when it comes out.


  1. Just to clarify, it's a combination of both the vinegar and bi carb rather than just either one by themselves? I've used vinegar alone & that certainly helps, especially for towels, but could be better.

  2. No answer yet ... But I have the same question ... They fizz when mixed together, don't they? So I wondered if it should be one or the other or both?

    1. Either or. In other words vinegar on it's own, bicarb on it's own (more expensive than vinegar) or both. Yes, they fizz, you're adding them to the rinse cycle in the washing machine.


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