30 August 2012

The Wrapping Box

You have ten minutes before you leave for the party, and you haven't wrapped the gift, or written in the card. In fact, you don't even have a card to write in. What do you do? Panic? Stop on the way to buy wrapping and a card?

Why not be prepared and start a wrapping box? It's a simple thing really. I have a real Cheapskate wrapping box - just a plain, old, brown cardboard box that fits on the top shelf of the cupboard. But this box has saved me a panic over and over again.

What's in the box?
My wrapping box has sheets of wrapping paper (bought at the market 6 sheets for $1) and a variety of cards for all occasions (these are 50 cents each from the thrift shop). It also holds rolls of sticky tape, pretty stickers, and ribbons and bunches of silk and dried flowers to decorate gifts. I use plain scissors and two pairs of fancy scissors to make decorative edges around cards and gift bags. Also in the box are rubber stamps, stamp pads, texta pens, gel pens, glue sticks, liquid glue, tubes of glitter glue and bottles of glitter.

My children love the wrapping box because we save the funnies from the Sunday paper, sheets of butcher paper, coloured cards and envelopes. They love decorating the wrapping for the gifts they are giving.

All of these things have been bought at markets, $2 shops or discount stores on sale. I top the box up once a year, usually between Christmas and New Year when everything is on sale.

It's such a relief to know that you have a stock of wrapping papers, cards and ribbons on hand. Life with a wrapping box on the top shelf of the cupboard is such a joy! And no more last minute, panic buying trips, on the way to the party!

Start a wrapping box for your family this week (it doesn't have to be glamorous, but you could let the kids decorate it), and surprise everyone with the gorgeous gifts you present, for only a few cents worth of wrappings.

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  1. Hi Cath and all you hard working family at Cheapskates. Just love all of it. It was confirmed a while back that WA is the most costly state to live in. I think all retailers think we work at the mines and bring home bulging pay envelopes. Would we love it if we did, but not so. To browse thru your site is such a confidence booster, and tho I may have practiced many of the things on offer over the last nearly 40 years of wedded bliss, it is still great to get lots of new ideas as well especially from the younger ones in our community, they come up with some great tips for all the modern things we deal with. Keep up the great work Anna C - WA (Annon)


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