01 August 2012

How to Live the Cheapskates Way in 2012

You'd think with all the technology available to us that living the Cheapskates way in 2012 would be easy, or at least easier than it was in 2010, or 2007 or 2002 or ever really.  But that technology doesn't always make it easy, it quite often makes it harder.

We are bombarded by advertisements on the TV, on radio, on our computers, via email and even on our mobile phones telling us we need this gadget or that gizmo will make our lives easier or we really want the latest thingamajig. We are told almost every minute of every waking hour that we must buy the very latest must have craze.

So, to help you stick to your Spending Plan when tempted, ask yourself these questions:

  1. 1.Would my parents or grand-parents have needed this item?
  2. 2.Would I really use this item enough to get full value for money out of it?
  3. 3.How will buying this item affect my savings goals?
  4. 4.Does it cost more than $100? If so, apply the $100/24 hour rule.

When you forget momentarily that you are living the Cheapskates way, ask yourself those four questions. I guarantee they'll get you back on track in no time.

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