24 August 2012

Time Makes Money

If you set aside a chunk of time and plan properly, you will reap the rewards of saving a substantial amount of money on your holiday shopping. We have all seen the ads and the flyers in our mailboxes as well as in our inboxes that tell us to shop now and save. If you stop for a moment and think about it, you will probably purchase these items anyway so why not do so now and save now?

As companies begin to vie for their share of holiday sales, these companies begin to bombard us with deals and steals. If you are like most individuals, the mere thought of spending any more money is painful. However, whether you buy that toy or electronic gizmo now or you buy it later, chances are you are still going to buy it.

Sign up at as many websites as you can stand receiving emails from – a great tip on this is to create a separate email account just for this purpose. Thereafter you can delete the account as opposed to unsubscribing to all those retailers.

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