22 August 2012

Three Tips to Save Big on Credit Card Debt

If you have credit card debt you know just how binding and never-ending it can seem.

Use these three tips to get that credit card debt paid down quickly and save a bundle into the bargain.

1. Cut up all but one of your credit cards. Freeze the other one in a four litre ice-cream container of water. Stop using the remaining credit card. This way you'll actually be paying off more than you are spending.

2. Pick up the phone and negotiate with your credit card company for a lower interest rate.

3. Pay biweekly (fortnightly) instead of monthly on the due date. Take the current minimum payment and halve it. Pay that amount each fortnight until the card is clear. By paying fortnightly you make an extra monthly payment in a year and reduce the interest charges dramatically.


  1. there is a tip in the store which refers to *schredditcard * - which isn't a card in itself but a system. It acutally utilises the CC and instead of transferring the minumum repayment amount you pay all your availabe funds into it and then use the card for paying your expenses over the month, keeping in mind to leave the minimum repayment amount you would have paid anyway.

    Since interest rates are calculated daily this reduces the interest amount steadily, plus - by using the card you accumulate points that can be converted into cash rewards and used as more repayments (mine does offer this option, instead of some gadget or tickets)


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