11 October 2012

A 15 Minute Emergency Kitchen Clean-up

How many times have you had a call from friends or your mother-in-law, checking to see if you were home so they could come over in just a few minutes, but your kitchen was a mess and you don’t feel comfortable with them seeing it like that? Sometimes I think the only time we get visitors is when the house is trashed!  Here are some tips to help you organize your kitchen in a matter of minutes.

1.  If you have a dishwasher full of clean dishes, leave it. Stack the dirty ones neatly in the sink, as if you were just about to unload it, otherwise, place the dirty dishes in the dishwasher…even if it’s not neatly, for now.

2.  Instead of sweeping with a broom and dustpan, vacuum your kitchen floor. It will pick up the dust, crumbs and dog hair much quicker than sweeping.

3.  Spot clean your benchtops with a microfibre cloth and Miracle Spray. If you’re out the wet cloth and elbow grease will do. Also wipe down the front of the microwave, stove and fridge.

6. If you have other clutter lying around, pitch what you can. If it’s dishes, stack them neatly, as if they’re supposed to go on the bench, or fill them with fruit and use as a decoration. If you have cupboard space, quickly place any items in there you don’t know what to do with for now.

7.  If your rubbish bin sits out in the open, empty it and replace with a new bag.

8.  Quickly spray your home with a nice air freshener. A nice scent when entering the home is always a good first impression and tricks your brain into thinking “clean”.

Once the unexpected guest has left, then you get to take the necessary time to put things away properly.

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  1. My friends and family come to see me -- not check on my housekeeping!
    SereneBee - East Vic Park


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