15 October 2012

Make a Crunchy Caterpillar

You don't need to buy the latest toy, that requires batteries, and not imagination, to keep baby happy. This caterpillar will keep little ones happy and amused for hours and it costs almost nothing to make. Best of all, because it's so easy and frugal, when it gets grotty, make a new one!

You will need:

Brightly coloured tights - baby, child or adult depending on how big you want your caterpillar to be.
1 packet of cellophane
1m narrow ribbon in a contrasting colour
Sharp scissors

Step 1. If you are using old tights, make sure they are washed and clean.

Step 2.
Snip off  one leg. If using baby tights cut the leg off at the top. If you are using children's or adult's tights, cut them off 45cm or 75cm above the toe.

Step 3. Cut the packet of cellophane into 5 strips. Unfold each strip and scrunch it loosely. Stuff the 5 strips into the stocking. Tie a knot in the end.

Step 4.
Cut the ribbon into 20cm lengths. Tie a piece of ribbon between each ball of cellophane. Secure ribbon with a double knot.

Step 5. Name your bug and give it to baby to play.

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