12 October 2012

Don't Get Sucked into the Sale!

So often when I see a bargain I am tempted to buy two or more of the great buy. At this point it is important to stop and think about how much money I was planning on spending on this item. If this amount is less than what I am about to spend for this fantastic buy then I need to put the extras down so that I don't blow my budget. I need to remember that the shops are trying to get me to blow my budget and spend, spend, spend; they are not ultimately interested in me getting a good buy, but in me spending my money. Also, I find it helpful to remember that there will always be another sale, this is not my only chance to get a fantastic buy. Don't let the sale suck you in and lose all sense of reason, stop and think about your choices before you get to the checkout!
Contributed by Ashleigh Holmes

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