08 October 2012

Make a Simple Bird Feeder

If your garden is full of birds (lucky you), keep them out of your garden by providing them with easy food.  You can recycle an empty soft drink bottle into a bird feeder in minutes. Hang it in a tree and watch the birds abandon your precious seedlings!

You will need:
1 empty soft drink bottle (size doesn't matter)
4 wooden spoons (again, size doesn't matter)
60cm wire
Bird seed (I use wild bird seed, from the supermarket)

Step 1. Poke three holes in the bottle, staggered around the width and down the length.

Step 2. Insert the handle of a wooden spoon into the first hole. Push it right in until it touches the other side of the bottle. Insert the other 3 spoons in the same manner.

Step 3. Fold the wire in half to form a loop. Twist the ends together for 2cm.

Step 4. Wrap the loop around the neck of the bottle and twist it tight, to form a hanger.

Step 5. Hang the bottle from a tree branch by the loop.

Step 6. Put some bird seed in the bowl of each spoon.

Step 7. Go inside, get out your binoculars and watch the birds have fun.

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