01 October 2012

Create a Message Centre

In a busy household keeping track of who is where can be downright hard. This simple message centre can be made in just a few minutes and provides the perfect place for scribbling messages to keep track of who is going to be home for dinner or who has gone where. You could even use it to keep a running shopping list or a "honey do" list.

I made this one from an old picture frame where the glass had broken, a tin of spray craft paint (because I didn't like the colour of the frame) and a spray tin of blackboard paint. I stuck sticky magnetic tape along the top and bottom edges on the back so it would stick to the fridge and stapled a length of string to the bottom righthand corner to hold the chalk.

You will need:
A photo frame - choose the size that suits your needs
Craft paint for the frame if you don't like the colour
Spray blackboard paint, available from craft shops and hardware stores

Step 1. Take the frame apart. If it has glass in it, remove it and dispose of it safely. Remove the backing from the frame.

Step 2. The backing will become the blackboard, so give it a light sand to remove any rough spots if necessary. Wipe over with a damp cloth.

Step 3. If you are going to paint the frame, do so now and put it aside to dry.

Step 4. This is best done outside.  Place the frame backing onto a sheet of newspaper, right side up. Give the blackboard paint a good shake. Lightly paint the backing board according to the directions on the can. Set aside to dry thoroughly.  Check to see if it needs another coat of paint.

Step 5. When the frame and backing are dry, reassemble them. You can decorate the blackboard with stickers or wooden embellishments if desired.

Step 6. Cut lengths of magnetic tape to fit the top and bottom edges of the frame and attach.

Step 7. Measure out 60cm of string or cord and staple it to the bottom right hand corner of the frame. Tie a piece of chalk to the loose end of the string.

Hang your message centre on your fridge.

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