13 December 2013

Cube It

A few weeks ago the $300 a Month Food Challenge topic was cubes. Frozen cubes of juice, pasta sauce, leftover vegetables, gravy, passionfruit, tomato paste and the list went on and on.

You all know my fondness for good coffee. I love it. It is my indulgence. I enjoy one mug of great coffee every morning and I really do enjoy it. But it costs a lot of money and I don't like to throw out the coffee that's not used.  True to my Cheapskates lifestyle I freeze it in ice cube trays, and then dump the frozen coffee cubes into a Tupperware container to store in the freezer.

Those cubes get used for iced coffee (see the recipe below, it's divine), they get added to icings or cake batters for flavouring, occasionally one even gets added to gravy to give it a bit of zing (try it, it's surprisingly delicious) and they get used when I'm making barbecue sauce or marinades.

There are so many uses for just a little coffee, so don't waste it, cube it and use it.

This iced coffee is amazing. It is one of my favourite drinks on a hot day. It tastes a lot like the iced mocha you buy at cafes, for around $5.40 (large), but it costs you around 50 cents to make at home.

Use whatever your sweetener of choice is. The recipe says honey and it's good with honey, I often use maple syrup (pure please, not imitation) and it's even better. If I'm watching sugar then I use agave syrup and it's still good. Of course if you prefer sugar, go right ahead, you'll still enjoy your blended mocha.

Iced Blended Mocha

1 cup of frozen coffee cubes
1 cup of cold low fat milk
2 tsp honey (or maple syrup or sugar or agave syrup)
2-1/2 tbsp chocolate syrup (MOO or bought)

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth and enjoy!

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