20 December 2013


Everyone's heard of recycling, and I'm sure everyone is avidly doing their very best to recycle as much as they humanly can. But have you ever thought of precycling?

Precycling is what you do before you recycle. For example when you are shopping, take a good look at the packaging on the item you want. Is there a lot of package for a little item? If so is there a similar item with less packaging? Less packaging means less rubbish, less energy and resources have been used to make it and less energy and resources will be needed to recycle it into something else.

And the easiest, simplest and best form of precycling? Remembering to always take your own reusable shopping bags with you. Ditch the veggie bags for  your own reusable veggie bags.  Ditch the plastic grocery bags for calico, cotton, canvas bags or cane baskets.

Make sure you think about recycling before you buy, precycle, and take your recycling habits to the next level.

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