12 December 2013

The Best Ever Way to Boil Eggs!

This tip came to me via Mother Earth News and I really wish it had landed in my inbox on Sunday when I was almost climbing the walls trying to peel fresh eggs.

Since then I've tried it and it works - even on the freshest of eggs! Just steam instead of boil and they'll peel so quickly and easily you'll want to steam more just to peel them! Really, it's that good a tip.

Here's the tip:

"Instead of putting farm-fresh eggs directly into water to make hard-boiled eggs, try steaming them for 30 minutes. After steaming, chill the eggs in ice water for a few minutes before peeling. The shells will fall right off!" Mother Earth News

I boil steam a dozen eggs at a time so to do this effectively I use my electric steamer. It's a set and forget 'til it buzzes set-up, which means I can get on with other things. But you could also use your stovetop steamer, just remember to check the water level in the pot so it doesn't boil dry - 30 minutes of steaming is quite a long time on the stove.

And once you've steamed your boiled eggs you'll never, ever struggle with boiling water, cracked eggs and sticky shells again.

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