02 December 2013

NOEL Block Ornament

I saw a similar arrangement to this one in a gift shop last week, selling for $29.99! I loved it, but it was far to expensive so it was a few notes jotted in my diary and home to check the craft cupboard.

I knew I had the little Christmas trees and green craft paint. I also knew there was plenty of silver glitter. The only thing I had to buy were the stickers - I didn't have any and my freehand writing skills are not quite up to scratch, at least not for something I plan to display for a few weeks.

You will need:
4 x 10cm miniature Christmas trees
4 x 5cm square  or oblong wooden or cardboard blocks (raid the kid's toy box for old wooden blocks or the garage if you have a woodworker in the house)
Green craft paint
Silver glitter
A glue pen or 6mm double-sided tape
Stick on letters to spell out NOEL

Step 1. Paint the wooden blocks green, being sure to cover all six sides.

Step 2. Pour the glitter into a small, flat based dish (I used a small square Tupperware container). On the front face carefully spread a thin layer of craft glue or lay an outline of the tape. Stamp the block, glue side down into the glitter, pressing hard. Lift it up and gently tap the excess glitter off. Put it aside to dry.

Step 3. Carefully spell out NOEL by sticking one letter in the centre front of each block.

Step 4. Glue a Christmas tree to the top of each block. Set aside to dry.

Step 5. Find a spot to display your cute new Christmas ornament.

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