04 December 2013

Find Ways To Reward Yourself

Living the Cheapskates way isn't about deprivation.  Saving money can take a toll on you and your family so it's important to plan your own rewards.  Having places you can eat out that don't cost a fortune, local places you can visit for a day out that are inexpensive, and small luxuries or treats you want to buy that you can save for will make the budgeting a bit easier.  Build a "rewards" category into your spending plan and add to it regularly. It doesn't have to be much - $5 a week will give you $260 a year you can use to splurge without worrying about how it will affect your budget.

How does this save money?  By having a list or idea of things that are inexpensive for rewards, it will make it less likely you'll spontaneously splurge on something expensive.

Planned rewards is splurging without the guilt!

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1 comment:

Camielle said...

On the topic of rewards. Just wanted to share a reward system that others could utilise. We moved to our current home about 14 months ago and I shop at the local Coles. They always ask if I have FlyBuys which I don't. I usually spend $50-80 a week on groceries so after 14 months this could have accumulated points that could have gotten me/us something special or a "reward" for free.

I've now applied for my FlyBuys card.