07 April 2015

An Organized Handbag

Do you have to rummage through your handbag to find your keys or phone, or perhaps a hanky? Maybe even your purse? You find screwed up old receipts, old pens, tissues, the lipstick you've been looking for, lolly wrappers, school notices, perhaps even unopened mail.

Handbags are  a bit like the spare room: a catchall where you stash everything but can find nothing.

With a little creative organisation and a few minutes you can have your handbag in tip-top shape, organised and tidy so you can put your hand on the things you need when you need them. No more rummaging for pens or keys or business cards.

You will need:
Your everyday handbag - make sure it is a nice size for your everyday requirements. Too big and it will fill with rubbish, too small and you'll always leave something you need behind.
3 -7 small make-up purses or pencil cases. They can be fabric, plastic, printed or plain, with a zip, button or velcro fastener.

How to Organise:

1. Your purse/wallet
Money - notes
Money - coins into the change compartment
Credit/debit cards
Driver's license
Most used rewards cards
Small calendar

2. Bag 1
Lipstick/lip gloss
Small comb/brush
Powder - pressed/loose/bronzer - whatever you use
Feminine Hygiene

3. Bag 2
Nail file/emery board
Small hand cream
Small scissors
Breath mints/cough drops

4. Spectacle case 1
For sunglasses

5. Spectacle case 2
For reading/spare spectacles

6. Bag 3
Business cards - yours, hairdresser, mechanic etc
Library card
Club cards - Auto club, ambulance, health fund etc.
Seldom used credit/debit cards
Small calculator

7. Bag 4
Small toothpaste
Wet wipes
Small sewing kit
Small tape measure

You won't need to carry all these bags every day, but having them organised makes it much easier to quickly pack your handbag for the day or swap to another handbag.

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