02 April 2015

The Gift Box Tray Rack

Keeping cake tins, baking sheets and pots organised and tidy is something we can all struggle with from time to time. Cheapskater Michelle has come up with a simple, free solution, by utilising something that would otherwise become landfill.

"I love baking and have lots of trays, cooling racks etc. I keep all my baking trays, cake tins etc. in the same cupboard as my pots and pans. I always stacked the pots and pans and cake tins as much as possible but every time I stacked the baking trays Murphy's law would mean that the one that I needed was in the middle or bottom of the stack, and the cupboard would always get messy. I decided I needed to do something and thought about the various options in the stores but didn't have the money to go out and buy space saving devices. I looked in the shed and found a wooden box which had been a gift crate for some wine I was given at Christmas. The sides were made from nice timber and the back was just a plywood type material stapled on. I was able to pry the ply backing off and use the crate as a large square shape in my cupboard as book ends.

The particular gift crate I had had two ply board dividers in (to hold the bottles of wine in place!) and I've actually used those to sort the trays (ordinary baking trays, muffin/cupcake trays and cooling racks).

This simple idea has saved me so much time and stress because my cupboards are no longer cluttered. By tiding up the baking trays, I've found that I have more room for my pots and pans - so much so that I no longer stack big pans like woks. They all have a dedicated spot and I've even been able to move my rice cooker into this cupboard. Not bad for 15 minutes!

Of course if you don't have a wooden box you can get creative with you might have scraps of timber you can use to create a U shape which you can use to store your trays etc. Just keep in mind lots of metal trays can become heavy so you need to use timber rather than thin plywood. Basically you're looking at a bookend type device for your baking trays. Also don't forget to check the height of your cupboard - if you find a suitable wooden box you may have to get the saw out and cut one of the sides off so that it fits in the space you have. And if you have a particular theme in your kitchen, you can always paint the timber and decorate it in your theme."
Contributed by Michelle Hickey

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  1. If you are handy you can also nail a thin long block of wood on the shelf near the wall of your baking cupboard and just stand the baking trays on edge. Another strip near the edge of your plate cupboard is great for standing up platters. Meryll Williams


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