15 April 2015

Fruit Trays Make Great Office Storage

I am a real 'storage buff' I love everything to be organised and I used to buy containers/trays which are expensive for organising my things in the office, garage, pantry and even in the fridge. I've stopped buying containers and now use the trays our fruit and veg come on, which are various sizes and depths depending on what we are buying. They store my sauces and spices in the pantry, items in my home office draws and I even use them in the fridge. All my friends comment on how 'neat' my fridge is! And they are great for us scrapbookers to store stamps etc. in. I've even taken them to work to organise the stationery in my drawers (the strawberry containers are the best for this as they are a bit smaller and you can fits heaps in them like post it notes, bulldogs clips and rubber bands - the list is endless. I've even started using them to organise our big stationery cupboard at work. So now instead of throwing them in the rubbish I have endless uses for them.
Contributed by Belinda

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Annabel said...

I love this idea! I love an organised fridge plus containers you can see what's in them so these make perfect sense!