10 April 2015

Let the Picky Eaters Create the Menu Plan

I have two teenage daughters and one is a difficult eater. She can't eat fish and hates the texture of some things like red meat, rice and soup. I have had enough of making two meals every night. Over the weekend I gave my daughters a job.

They emptied the pantry and wrote a list of what we had. Then they emptied the freezer and listed the contents while I did the defrosting and cleaning. The next day I gave them a challenge - how many recipes and meal ideas could they find online using those ingredients plus fresh stuff and maybe one or two small extras.

They took it all very seriously and spent ages finding new recipes. Now I have sixteen new recipes which we will all eat. Best of all it gave my daughters, especially the nuisance eater, a very good idea of just how hard and frustrating it is trying to feed a family on a budget, especially when catering for her. So this has given me a clean pantry and freezer and new recipes, and given them a bit of insight into the realities of life.
Contributed by Georgina

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