27 April 2015

Picture Frame Noticeboard

This is a great idea from Cheapskater Leanne for a perpetual noticeboard for your pantry, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, the kids' rooms, near the front door, next to the phone - anywhere you need to be able to jot down messages.

Haunt op shops and garage sales for a stunning vintage picture frame to make your noticeboard stand out. They'll cost you a fraction of the price of a new frame and add character and charm to your home too.

"Get an old large picture frame with glass in it and place white paper or card behind the glass. Use a white board marker to write notes on the glass for family instead of wasting paper and the messages won't get lost. Attach to the wall using a hook and or double sided Velcro tape for a firm writing surface and no accidents. You can even draw on the white paper making sections for each family member, draw up a calendar or regular weekly tasks that just need ticks when they are done. You could even buy the frame at a garage sale to save more money if you don't have one already. Just wipe with a cloth or tissue to clean off and start again."

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