17 April 2015

Shopping Aussie Made on a Budget

Today's Tip of the Day was contributed by Petrina and if you are conscious of buying Australian made when you shop, but still like to get the lowest price, it is for you. This variation of a price book will help you buy Aussie made (and owned - don't forget Aussie owned is good too - the profits then stay in Australia!) for the lowest possible price.

"Most people keep shopping lists. I have a permanent list that I add to each time I shop. My list contains all the products that I buy on a recurring cycle. My list details Australian made items as preferred items. Australian made items are generally more expensive as they cost more to produce than imported items. I buy almost all items when they are on special only, this way I am supporting Australian companies and saving money as well. For example Sorbent is Australian made. 12 rolls cost approximately $10-$12 normal RRP, however on special you can save $3 per package, so I bought 2 packets. The thing to have in mind is you must buy in bulk so that you won't need to buy the products when they are at full price, or if you do need to purchase an item when it is not on special make sure on your list you have an alternative product. I plan my menus before shopping so that I can purchase only what I need (some items already purchased when on special). By not purchasing items not on special you start to learn what you can actually go without. It doesn't matter where you shop as all retailers have a variety of different items on special every week."

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