28 April 2016

Let's Revisit Pita Chips and Save a Bundle

Hannah came home from work on Tuesday and the first thing she said to me was "Mum, you're going to say "oh my giddy aunt" when you see this" and quickly thrust her trusty phone into my face.

She was right.

I did say "Oh my giddy aunt" when I saw what was on her phone.

See if you don't have a similar reaction, here's what I saw.

Can you see it? Yep, pita chips just $71.58 a kilo - a real bargain NOT!

I did the sums. A packet of Lebanese bread costs $1.35 for 400g or $3.40 per kilo. Sometimes it comes on sale for 99 cents, and even better, 89 cents a packet and I buy up big - 10 or more packets (it freezes!). That would bring the per kilo price down and make these gourmet (who'd a thunk the humble pita chip would be a gourmet treat?) treats even cheaper.

Add some olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, a couple of cloves of garlic and about two teaspoons rosemary and for a cost of approximately 90 cents (the cost will depend on how much you pay for your oil and herbs - I grow garlic and rosemary so they're virtually free) and you can have 1 kilo of seasoned pita chips for under $4.50. If you'd rather have them plain they'll be even cheaper.

That's a whopping $67 difference.

I bet that you, like me, believe that $67 is much better in your bank account than the supermarkets (if you don't then maybe this isn't the place for you after all).

Pita chips take around 10 minutes to make and they're so easy even a child can make them.

Here's how I make our pita chips.

Add your own seasonings or not, it's up to you. Either way I can guarantee they won't last long.

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  1. I made last weekend. It came out yummy. So simple to make, so cheap too. Would like to make it often!!



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