01 April 2016

Quick and Easy Oats for Breakfast

For winter porridge, I prefer to use whole oats rather than quick oats (as they are lower GI), but find that they always boil over in the microwave so I have to watch them constantly. However, I inadvertently discovered that if I give the whole oats a short burst in the food processor before storing (not enough to make them into quick oats, but enough to get some fine particles) they never boil over in the microwave any more. I can happily pop a bowl in the microwave - even with milk - and walk away until they are done. For me, this is the difference between using oats because they are cheap and bought cereal because it is convenient.
Contributed by Megan Hooper

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  1. I just use a large noodle bowl instead of a cereal bowl. The porridge can then safely bubble up to the rim, but it never boils over. Pat

  2. I prepare the night before - it soaks in and takes less time - however, I also use a Pyrex jug and pour into each bowl.


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