17 April 2016

The Week that Was 17th April 2016

Decanted a batch of citrus vinegar cleaner I had brewing. The bathrooms smell lovely.

Made a double batch of Miracle Spray.

Made a double batch of Cheapskates Washing Powder.

Made apricot jam using apricots I bought for $5 a box just before Christmas. I took the stones out, chopped them and the froze them in 1 kilo lots before Christmas when I was time poor. It was easy to pull them out and make jam on Monday.

Dried the washing on the clotheshorses on Monday and Tuesday when it was wet. The other days the washing dried nicely on the clothesline in the sunshine.

Wayne and the boys cut and stacked firewood we've had drying for a couple of years in readiness for winter (I can't wait to get the fire going).

Cooked all our meals from scratch, using ingredients in the fridge, freezer and pantry.

Planted a rhubarb crown I cut from one of Mum's plants we divided.

Stewed some rhubarb I picked from Mum's garden. We're having it with our yoghurt for breakfast.

Gratefully accepted a LOT of mandarins (thank you Wendy and Darren), enough to give us all a piece of fruit each day for 13 days! I put some in the fruit bowl, the rest are in the crisper to stay fresh. I'll bring a few out each morning for us to eat.

Made a double batch of Lemonade Scones for afternoon tea on Saturday using lemonade that was given to us.

Thomas needed  a card for a baby shower so I made one using things from my card making stash.

Spent the day on Saturday with the "card ladies" and had a lovely time. I managed to make seven cards, and learned three new techniques too.

Bought 11kgs chicken fillets from Tasman yesterday and bagged them up, enough for 22 meals.


  1. That is a lot of chicken! I'm anxiously awaiting our rhubarb plants to be big enough to harvest from. Right now they are just emerging from their winter's sleep. :)

  2. Hi Cath,
    I am new to reading your blog and I love it. Love your lists of frugal tasks ... very inspirational. Have copied your idea on my little blog, but have given you credit and included a link to your blog ... hope that is okay. Love your idea about buying apricots on sale and freezing them to make jam later when you have time ... brilliant ... I love making jam also, hadn't thought of that trick! Thanks for the inspiration, I am a regular reader now and also a regular at Wendy's blog ... keep up the great work! Anne


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