28 April 2016

The Week that Was 24th April 2016

It's time to get the quilts, knee rugs and dwarmies out - the evenings are getting cool

A little late getting this up, my apologies, life has been more than a little bit hectic.

This has been a busy week. I've had a trip to the airport, some doctor appointments and shopping to do on top of the usual household tasks and Cheapskates Club work.

Thank goodness I've written down my household schedule, it has certainly helped to keep everything done. The family has been able to see what needs doing each day and just do it, without me nagging or stressing about when I'd find the time to catch up. I'm so glad I took the time to write down what needs to be done each day.

I've enjoyed the sunshine too, sitting on the back verandah for morning and afternoon tea most days.

All our meals have been cooked from scratch, using ingredients in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

I saved by choosing a generic brand, then another 15% on prescriptions using my Community Pharmacy card.

Collected the cold water from the bathrooms and kitchen and used it to water the garden.

Used the worm tea to feed the new seedlings and the fruit trees.

Opened the blinds and curtains wide during the day to warm the house, and closed them as soon as the sun had gone to keep the warmth in.

Pulled out the throws and warmies and put them in the lounge and family rooms to use now the evenings are getting cool.

Made breadcrumbs using the crusts I had stored in the freezer.

Made pumpkin soup for the freezer from a pumpkin I bought for 29c/kg. Froze some for baked veggies too.

Made more plum jam using fruit from the freezer.  These are for gifts so I also cut lid toppers from wrapping paper and made some pretty labels for them using papers I had in the cupboard.

Dried the washing on the clothesline on warm days.

Gratefully accepted a huge washing basket lot of papers, ribbons, cards for our card making days (thank you Keren). I know the card ladies will be excited :)

Cut some pictures from old magazines to use as embellishments on cards and gifts. Added them to my stash.

Took the sleeves up on a shirt of Tom's that was too long in the arms, saved him $12 (the cost to get it done at the alternations place).

Watched The Help. I wasn't sure I'd like this movie so I recorded it when it was on TV, then watched it one morning when I couldn't sleep. I loved it, and have kept it to watch again.

Put together a birthday present using a set of the coasters I crocheted and some pretty serviettes in the same colours. Cost: $2 for the serviettes, about 60 cents for the thread for the coasters and an hour of my time. Used a card from my stash in the same colours to complete the gift.

Filled both cars up with petrol at 95.7c/litre - cheapest it's been for a few weeks.

Saved Mum some money by taking her open packets of medicines to the chemist to have them used in her Webster packs. She's already paid for them so she may as well use them. They were more than happy to keep the tablets and use them up.

What did you do to save money, time and energy last week?

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  1. When we moved to Webster packs for my husband the chemist didn't want his lose meds. Had to wait till the beginning of the monthly packaging. So it all depends on the chemist.
    Then had to go back to the regular boxes when he went in hospital as the hospitals do not like Webster packs as they cannot change medications if needed. Pat


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