18 May 2012

Grocery Shopping Tips

For many people heading out to do the grocery shopping is like moving to a foreign land.  There senses are bombarded from all directions with colour, light, smell, even odd placements so that they end up slightly confused. That's the plan of course because when you are slightly confused you tend to think and act on your emotional rather than your practical personality. And that's when you find your grocery budget is out of control.

Anyone can stick to their grocery budget, no matter how large or small it may be, and it's not difficult at all.  Here's how:

1. make a list and stick to it.
2. don't be afraid to buy generic products
3. don't be conned into thinking bigger is always cheaper.
4. don't shop when you're hungry.
5. find a local "bargain bin" or grocery outlet and use it.
6. shop the perimeter of the supermarket.

Stick to these 6 simple rules and you will be able to stick to your grocery budget.

1 comment:

  1. When I was working full time I was very organized to fit everything in to my roster. Now I am retired I seem to be less organized,. Recently a shelf broke in my pantry, requiring everything to be taken out.. I was surprised at what was hiding in far corners, stuff bought on special etc I am now using up lots of these items. A good clean out is hopefully a new start for me to be better organized. Jan


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