02 May 2012

Shopping Lists

I'll say it:  if you go to the supermarket more than once a week you're not only wasting time, but money too. The first step to getting into a more regular shopping routine is to meal plan, the second step is to write an accurate shopping list. Over time you will get very good at predicting your grocery needs for a week, fortnight, even a month. Write your list in general categories i.e. meat, fruit and veg, dairy, baking, toiletries, cleaning etc and if you shop at more than one store or market write a list for each one. And a tip that will save you lots of time: try to write your list in aisle order so you are not backtracking all over the supermarket to pick up the items on your list. Once you have your list, stick to it. And if you see something that's not on the list - too bad! It has to wait until next shopping day.


  1. I 100% agree, unfortunately a trip to the shops a couple of times a week is something my Mother-in-Law looks forward to, but I do try and not enter the supermarkets doors it's fatel for a budget....

  2. It's simple but the idea of writing things down in aisle order is fantastic! My list is usually all over the place and I always end up backtracking, which just makes the trip so much more inefficient.

  3. I use a small whiteboard hanging on the wall near my pantry The night before my weekly shop, I take a photo of it with my phone to use as my list I have several columns for different shops

  4. For me I go to get milk every second day because I don't have anywhere to store any more. It helps if you put your milk money into little bags. Just grab one when I need to. No overspend.


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