26 December 2012

Examining Spending Habits Finds Savings

The challenging economic times have forced our family to examine EVERYTHING we spend our money on, to see where savings can be made. For instance:
1. Instead of buying meat from the supermarket every week, we're making a monthly trip to Victoria Market, about an hour before closing time, to snaffle the best bargains and the best quality meat.

2. Instead of buying coffee and a muffin every day, we're using the coffee machines at the office and baking our own muffins.

3. In this sizzling Melbourne summer heat, I carry a reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go (it stays in the work fridge during the day), to avoid buying drinks as I wait for the trains - when they decide to show up!

4. Before leaving home for work, we turn all appliances off at the wall except for the fridge/freezer.

5. I avoid taking my purse with me if I'm going for a walk at lunchtime or popping out to a meeting - I can't be tempted to buy anything if I don't have any money/cards on me!

Challenge yourself to examine EVERY way you spend money to find savings. As Cath says, we don't have to go without if we implement practical changes and plan ahead! :o)

Contributed by Kate Ashmore

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  1. A very practical post. This must be read by everybody. I am thankful I landed on this page. It inspires me more to live practically and with contentment. I really love saving.


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