21 December 2012

Make a Lovely Ice Bowl Centrepiece

To make a beautiful table decoration, which can be adjusted to complement different themes, make an ice bowl with flowers frozen in it (or anything you think will look good). Get 2 bowls of same shape 1 smaller than other with approximately 10-15mm space between the two. Arrange flowers, leaves, herb sprigs or citrus slices, maybe lollies etc. around the inside of the larger bowl and place the smaller bowl inside. Tape the two bowls together so they are flush and will not move apart. Gently pour cooled boiled water into the gap between the bowls to about 1cm from the top, (cooled boiled water gives a clearer, more sparkling ice bowl). Add some more flowers or other decorations, if needed, arranging them with a skewer. Freeze overnight. Next day, remove the bowls from freezer and stand at room temperature on a plate or tea towel for 10-20 minutes, or until they separate easily. There you have it, a beautiful ice bowl. Return this to freezer until needed.
Contributed by Barbara

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